The “Finite Water” documentary discusses global water concerns as seen through the eyes of an average person.

After attending the Global Water Summit in Paris as an academic participant, it inspired me to make a documentary without having any experience in filmmaking.

“Is it possible to make a documentary for the average person, from an average person’s viewpoint and be able to reach people on the same level as myself” … it was important to try to make it happen.” - Dianne Wennick

The film opens the discussion about water conservation, harvesting methods and adaptation to a new reality, where one could comprehend and develop awareness about global water concerns.

Several interviews and discussions are conducted concerning water management and our future’s outlook.

Our goal is to instill the idea that adaptation will take place in many places and developing new methods begins with observing what is happening around us.  It all begins with one’s own thought process, fresh thinking and exponential changes.

We hope to draw attention to how water concerns will affect us and open the discussion about future adaptation to such a significant change.  

Also, we have dedicated this film to our children who will witness a far different planet than ours today and we hope that this film will help to make a difference for the next generation.

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Our Interview with Matt Gilbertston

Our Interview with Matt Gilbertston

ARFF Paris International Film Festival

ARFF Paris International Film Festival

Semi-Finalist Official Selection

Semi-Finalist Official Selection

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Semi Finalist Official Selection

Semi Finalist Official Selection

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Iceberg Photo by Peter Diamond

Iceberg Photo by Peter Diamond

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